The Inclusion, Access and Success (IAS) Committee seeks to advance the association's commitment to inclusion for under-served students and the educational professionals who guide them.

The purpose of the committee is to facilitate understanding of issues of inhibited inclusion, the lack of access, and barriers to success for students making their way through the education system, and to create change within the existing systems of higher education that exclude underrepresented students from opportunities. By educating ourselves and our colleagues about critical issues facing students and sharing the best practices in which to develop students for college success, we will change the formula that inhibits their access to higher education. We will lead initiatives to change the processes that promote marginalization of students in their path to college. With the dedication and the participation of our peers, we hope that the outcomes of these efforts will lead to more diverse college campuses, a state with a higher rate of college graduation, and from these outcomes we all will see exponential benefits.


  • Offer sessions at the INACAC annual conference on IAS related topics.
  • Support conference committee and executive board in continuing the conversation on cultural competencies.
  • Coordinating process to select the Leticia Campodonico award recipient.
  • Coordinate programming to support under-served students in the transition to and through post-secondary options.



  • Nichelle Whitney, Indiana University


  • Ja’Niah Downing, Purdue University
  • Taylor Dooley, IUPUI
  • Nyree Modisette, Marian University
  • Alyssa Luna, IUPUI
  • Lauren Jay, DePauw University
  • Beth Newman, Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School
  • Cherlisa Richardson, Lawrence Central High School
  • Brandon Curry, Manchester University
  • Emily Robison, Butler University
  • Emily Herbst, Purdue University, Northwest
  • Eric West Jr., Indiana University Bloomington


  • Resource
  • Programming
  • Transitions Conference


Ask the Admission Office Checklists

Ask the Admission Office is a series of six checklists that will help you determine what to ask colleges or universities before you apply. The checklists were developed by NACAC in collaboration with its Inclusion, Access, and Success Committee.

College Advising Guide for Undocumented Students

In 2009, the Illinois ACAC Inclusion, Access, and Success Committee published its first edition of the College Advising Guide for Undocumented Students designed to provide assistance to high school counselors and other individuals who work with undocumented students. The feedback from high school counselors and college admission representatives was overwhelmingly positive.

It is their goal to include every college and university within the U.S. that welcomes undocumented students on their campus. Through outreach and greater access to accurate information, we can ensure that college is possible for all who want to attend.

Mental Health Resources for High School/College Students and Counselors

Special Interest Groups

NACAC Special Interest Groups (SIGs) nurture the growing diversity in our association by providing "micro" communities within which members can network and add value to their NACAC membership experience. These smaller subsets of members are formed for the purpose of knowledge sharing and discussion among members with similar interests whether they are the specific subjects, issues or type of institution or students they serve.

Diversity Resources on College Campuses

IAS believes a sense of "belonging" is integral to a student’s well being and success in college. A student's ability to reach his/her full potential relies on a sense of belonging and it is essential to a student’s retention and graduation. Therefore, providing a sense of belonging to all students, particularly underrepresented and marginalized students, is an institution’s, particularly a Predominantly White Institution's obligation and responsibility. To this end, IAS created and distributed a survey to INACAC members in order to learn more about their particular institution's opportunities and resources for underrepresented and marginalized students. The responses to this survey can be found here: Diversity Resources on College Campuses. Our hope is that this resource assists high school members as they serve these students.



The Inclusion Access and Success (IAS) Committee ICON program is designed to educate Admissions & School Counseling professionals in areas of student equity, access, and success. Participants will gain a better knowledge of student needs and barriers to higher education within Indiana and beyond. 


  • Participation in all in person and virtual meetings.
  • Participation in the Transitions and INACAC Conference.
  • Members will also be “observers” on Inclusion, Access, and Success (IAS) Conference Calls and will be provided with readings between each meeting to strengthen their knowledge of inclusion, access, and equity in the scope of higher education.


  • 1+ years of admissions or school counseling experience at either the secondary or higher education level.
  • INACAC or other Affiliate Membership.
  • Approval from office leadership.


  • Five (5) face-face or virtual meetings (one per month) with your cohort members, faculty, and special guests.
  • Access to a digital platform for continued discussion outside meetings
  • Testimonials and advice from Leaders in Enrollment Management and Diversity
  • Lunch during in-person meetings
  • ICON T-shirt


  • Completed Application
  • Completed Leadership Approval Form
  • $100 participation fee, if selected
  • Full participation in all programmatic components of ICON

(Pending COVID-19 and Social Distancing limitations)*




September 2, 2021

To be determined based on a survey given to applicants accepted into the cohort. Topics likely to include:

Student needs post-Covid, barriers to higher education, leveraging state resources, advocating for student needs, addressing declining college going rates.

    • Welcome
    • Data
    • Diversity Landscape Survey

October 7, 2021

    • Post Covid? Counselor Connections
    • Internal Bias in Higher Education

Transitions Conference  (TBD)

    • Conference Recap
    • Networking

January 6, 2022

    • Leveraging your Sphere of Influence
    • Equity. Equality. Access - Interrupt.  Disrupt. Construct

INACAC Conference

February 27-March 1, 2022

    • Conference Recap
    • Beyond ICON

* Schedule subject to change.

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Interested in joining ICON? APPLY TODAY!


If you would like to participate in ICON but feel, the program fee is a barrier there are a limited number of program fee waivers.

Please apply and contact us at to request access to the waiver.


Information regarding the 2022-23 ICON Cohort will be released at a later date. Please be mindful of your email for future updates as they become available.

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